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  • Update plugin from AXYZ Design – Anima® 3.5

Anima 3.5 by AXYZ design is a new release of a great animation tool for the crowd in 3ds Max. The plugin is available for 3ds Max 2011 and above, and Unreal Engine version 4.18 and above, Cinema 4D version R15 and above.

Anima allows you to add animated characters to the scene, without the complexity of the simulation using particles or AI. The user sets the path for the created crowd right in the viewing window, and the scene objects must be placed, which should be avoided.

Initially, the plugin is designed to be used with AXYZ – set of rigg characters, but at the same time the user has the opportunity to import their own characters and animated clips. Created animation scenes are possible using the integrated plug-in for 3ds Max and Cinema 4D in V-Ray format .vrscene, FBX, OpenCollada. Scenes can be viewed in real time in the Unreal Engine.
The interface has been improved to help users create modeling more intuitively, and now the API is available for developers, you can create plug-ins compatible with Anima for other software that is not officially supported. Back in version 3.5, the animation baking process itself was updated: in this version of the plug-in, the software does this automatically, no need to manually cache the simulation before baking.
The free Lite version of the plugin can also be used in commercial work, but with an animation time limit of up to 4 seconds of animation.