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  • Rendering Arnold for Houdini

Arnold is fast, efficient in using memory, uses a scalable physical point-analyzer. The goal is to simplify the VFX pipeline. This is an undeniable choice of recognized 3D masters. This handy visualizer is available as a standalone renderer for Linux, Windows, Mac OS X platforms with plug-ins for 3ds Max, Maya, Houdini, Katana, Cinema 4D and Softimage.
There is support for OpenVDB and MayaFluids.

Arnold can efficiently rasterize instances of any scene object with the transformation and redefinition of materials. It’s easy to create thousands or even millions of copies, which leads to trillions of rendered primitives, which is great for vegetation, large environments and effects,
and thanks to the compact and highly optimized Arnold data structures, you will create scenes with hundreds of millions of unique primitives, using an incommensurably smaller amount of memory than other visualizers.

This is the ideal choice for rendering fur and hair, with this using a minimum of memory. The shader for hair has double offset mirrors, transmission and specifically designed to reduce the flicker of fine hair. The volumetric rendering system is based on proprietary algorithms of importance sampling and can give effects such as smoke, clouds, fog, pyroclastic flow or fire. Volumes interact with direct and indirect illumination from arbitrary light sources.

Render Farm Render Fast offers you fast and easy rendering services for your projects in Arnold for Houdini. Rendering Arnold for Houdini.