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Redshift is a technological, incredibly powerful and fast GPU-renderer that allows you to create computer 3D graphics, offering the best solutions for visualization tasks. Flexibility, quality, simplicity, stability and speed – brightly distinguishing differences among all graphic renderings, Redshift will solve all these problems.

Effectively managing memory, Redshift allows you to display scenes containing hundreds of millions of polygons. For users creating scenes with a high polygon (from 200 million), graphics processors with 12 GB VRAM or more are required.
For Redshift, we recommend an NVIDIA graphics processor with a CUDA 5.0 or higher computational power and 8 GB VRAM or more. Graphics processors GeForce, Quadro and Tesla based on Pascal, for example NVIDIA GTX1080Ti, TITAN X (Pascal), Quadro P6000 and Quadro GP100, work fine with Redshift!

Important, that users can export their scene and display it independently of their 3D application using the redshift tool CmdLine. You can export groups of objects and light to Redshift Proxy files that other scenes can refer to. Proxy allow redefinition of powerful shaders, mats and visibility, which is important in large projects.

Redshift supports fast indirect illumination using point methods GI, naturally looking physical sunlight and sky emulation, multi-stage and two-stage blur, rendering OpenVDB in all 3D applications and own 3D rendering in Houdini.
Thin hair in the scene can create noise, and Redshift supports rendering “MPW”, smoothing out the appearance of thin and hard-to-reach hair. Tessellation Redshift supports separate anti-aliasing control, objects get advanced matte functions and trace parameters – self-shadowing and visibility of the primary and reflected beam.
Support for up to 3 layers of subsurface scattering in one shader for realistic looking skin is implemented. Redshift supports many dcc-shading for calculation, color ramps and many others.

Support for Autodesk’s own geometry for Maya, dissipating the Forest Pack plug-in, support for the super popular plug-in for creating hair,
fur and feathers for Maya – Yeti. For Houdini, the rendering of OpenVDB files and Houdini Volume and VDB primitives.
Extensive support for Cinema 4D geometry objects, including instances, generators, deformers, clones and MoGraph objects.

Modern processors, video cards NVIDIA GeForce 1080Ti, favorable conditions and technical support –
provides you with a render farm Render-Fast for GPU rendering projects with Redshift for 3ds Max, Redshift Maya, Redshift Cinema 4D, Redshift Houdini.