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  • Rendering Anima® for 3ds Max

The Anima for 3ds Max plug-in will help create animations using a large number of high-quality 3D characters from the Metropoly collections. An incredibly easy-to-configure workflow that allows you to create stunning realistic, scanned characters and complex crowd simulations in seconds.
In the scene, the plug-in 3ds Max will create two types of objects – Anima Actors for each person in the simulation and one Anima Scene object used for control. Intelligent algorithm AI Brain allows the characters to move, while avoiding collisions and intersections, to move along the stairs, escalator, slopes and moving paths.
The Anima plug-in for 3ds Max allows you to change the animation playback speed, which is great for creating slow motion effects or, conversely, high speed and fine-tuning the scene.

Important moment when using the plug-in – it is not recommended to make anima® scenes inside 3ds Max Xref files.
A system with a huge number of pluses has one limitation – it can be only one object of this type within the entire 3ds Max scene, including Xref files. You can download an arbitrary number of anima® scenes within a single 3ds Max scene, but they must be part of the same anima® project.
A project with several Xref objects consists in creating one anima® project and one scene for each Xref object. For each Xref, you can import the anima® scene to quickly go back and forth and check the results of your work inside the anima® application.
Then upload the anima® scene directly from the Anima Scene Controller to the main 3dsMax file.

Anima® for 3dsMax uses optimizations to handle a huge number of actors and movements, and optimizing memory usage will enable you to use V-Ray, Corona, Scanline and Mental Ray renderers for rendering.
Render farm Render-Fast will make fast and high-quality CPU rendering of your project in 3ds Max with the plugin Anima for 3ds Max. Write to us .