To work with a GPU renderer, for example OctaneRender or Redshift, you need the most powerful graphics card, the best is a few.
With GPU rendering, the resources of the video card are loaded as much as possible, the processor plays a more secondary role. The Render-Fast Render-Farm uses 64Gb of RAM in the GPU, SSD and high-performance video cards GeForce GTX 1080Ti 11Gb GDDR5 for the most rapid rendering of projects.
By itself, the GPU rendering of Octane and Redshift is much faster than the Corona or V-ray rendering CPU,OctaneRender with the technology of parallel GPU calculations will create stunning images of photographic quality several times faster than the rendering on processors, and Redshift due to effective memory management allows you to easily visualize scenes with a huge number of polygons, while providing the greatest possible flexibility when working with lighting and shading in the settings of scenes. This is the fastest and most reliable GPU renderer to help large VFX studios with integrated OptiX noise reduction technology.